Can’t believe we have been here that long… I’ve really been remiss about getting a post done and Buff has a ton of pictures to share!! So here goes…..

We have realized the importance of Green Energy… so to support that concept we have found a new truck that runs on electricity… do you think we will make it to Wyoming with it??????WE'VE GONE GREEN

As my last post indicated… it was really hot when we got here and we spent the first month sitting under the air conditioner most of the day…but we would venture out in the evenings and it was grand. The first event we attended was a “STAR PARTY”. This event was held in our campground and was hosted by some astronomy amateurs from Las Vegas. They brought their telescopes and knowledge and shared with anyone that attended. One of the telescopes was so large you had to climb a ladder to look through the eyepiece….but the view of the universe was amazing!! We saw a “dying star”, the rings around Saturn, the Andromeda galaxy, the Milky Way and learned more about the universe than my poor brain could take in!! (Like the dying star… it is five million light years away…. Tried to grasp that the light we were looking at left that star five million years ago…gave me a headache!!)

Our next event was the Death Valley ‘49ers Encampment…it started with us and the other host having to chalk in all the parking lines in this campground…. 536 sites, 235 in the main lot, and another four “overflow” lots…..DEATH VALLEY BEFORE THE RUSH Lots of hard work and remember…. It was still really hot!! But we got it done … actually finished the day this campground opened and by golly…there were rigs lined up at the entrance to get in while we finished up. There are a string of pictures showing the empty campground, then through the next few weeks as it filled up. At the peak of the event we had 534 rigs parked in here!!!!! It took us about three hours to do our compliance check and another couple of hours in the evening to take a count for our paperwork…..thank God this campground does not have fire pits!!!!

KENNYWe had a great time with the folks that attended the event… and by the time it ended we felt like a couple of youngsters…most of the attendees were in their 70’s, 80’s and even in their 90’s!! There are lots of pictures included in this post and even a couple of videos of the band, wagon train, etc. Buff has also posted some of it to YOUTUBE under BUFFALO1946.….

DEATH VALLEY JEFF & AMYOur friends, Jeff and Amy, visited for a couple of days during this time and we really enjoyed their company. We all went to see the wagon train come in … it looked very authentic and was thought provoking to think of that as a means of traveling across this country. This train had traveled 125 miles and everyone looked tired already!!

GEORGE the ROADRUNNER 003During the encampment “George” the roadrunner was very busy mooching from the campers…. He had a regular run each day as he figured out who was feeding. One lady had cooked some chicken for him and he really liked that… guess it tastes like lizard or snake (his regular diet). One camper told me that George had wiped out about a half pound of shaved turkey!!!

We took the drive to Dante’s View one day which overlooks the whole valley… there is a video of that on our photo stream. It was awesome up there and much cooler than in the valley that day….

COPPER CANYON DEATH VALLEY 010Buff was able to take a guided hike into Copper Canyon… this canyon is so valuable with prehistoric footprints that it is closed to the public and the only way to see it is with a guided tour. It is a seven mile round trip hiking a very steep grade…. The old Buffalo is still prime as he made the trip without passing out. He was however, very, very sore for the next few days…. The canyon contains fossilized footprints of prehistoric camels, horses, birds, wildcat of some kind and a mastodon, all about five million years old. Of course there are pictures in our photo stream…

This campground goes from a small city to a ghost town… feast or famine. The ‘49ers filled it up and we had about 80 campers during the Thanksgiving holiday….. Now we are lucky to have 10 campers in here at any given time…. We are getting bored with nothing to do … but, in another couple of weeks we will be moving over to Furnace Creek Campground where there is a fairly steady flow of campers. The campground itself is much nicer than this one, which is basically a parking lot. Furnace Creek has trees, great campsites and there will be fire pits to clean…. We are actually excited about having some work to do that will give us some exercise!! Now you understand just how bored we have been…..

We will not be able to get the WiFi at that campground but will still have cell phone connections. We will go back to checking our email once or twice a week after we get moved…

The weather continues to be ever changing…. Right now we are experiencing glorious warm days and cool nights… but it can rain at the drop of a hat and even worse it can get windy… and believe me, when the wind blows here it is NASTY. There is nothing to slow it down in this valley and so it can get bad enough that we have trouble opening the door and getting out if it is coming from the North…… So, it is a mixed blessing being here…. No snow…. Temps in the 60’s during the day… but a real wind tunnel from time to time…

We just got our contract from American Land and Leisure and we got what we wanted so we will be going back to the Uinta Mountains next summer. We will be in the Evanston Ranger District this time.. About forty miles from Evanston. We will be hosting from Stillwater campground (totally beautiful site) and will have a total of three campgrounds to care for plus administrative duties as assistant managers. This will give us a 45 hour workweek and the chance to make some good income…. Once again we will be close to visit Buff’s mom, sister, and sons…we are hoping someone will be able to come and camp with us while we are there. Needless to say, I’m very excited to go home again.

We are not sure if we will be traveling through Reno or just go from here to Salt Lake … it is about 350 miles extra to make the trip to Reno then Salt Lake… We will just have to see what we can afford at that time. We are determined that summer of 2012 we will land a campground in the Sierra Mountains close enough to spend time with family and friends….

So…. That seems to be it for now….

The Gypsies



MARSH LAKEWe left Marsh Lake Campground on September 7th, with plans to reach our winter assignment in Death Valley by October 1st. After cleaning 70 campsites, 10 toilets and loading all our stuff into the trailer we drove into the sunset (literally) and made it thirty-two miles to Fort Bridger where we decided to spend our first night on the road. The R.V. Park was lovely and it was good to wake up the next morning knowing we didn’t have any plans, schedules or toilets to clean for the next three weeks!!

NEED I SAY MORETHE FOUR OF USOur next stop was Pocatello, Idaho to visit with Jim’s brother, Stoney and wife, Susan, so we took off early (10:30ish) to make the four hour trip and we would have done it except we had to drive through a little town called Lava Hot Springs in Idaho…..with huge billboards advertising the hot spring pools available there…needless to say the brakes were screeching and the navigator (me) was instructed to look for the first R.V. Park available!! AAAHHHH, the R.V. Park was pricey and definitely not first class but the hot pools were heaven and we soaked our sore muscles and tired bodies for the rest of the evening.

The trip into Idaho was beautiful and we were amazed at the miles of wheat fields we passed on our way. The agriculture business seems to be very sound there and along with wheat there were fields of corn, sorghum, alfalfa, potatoes and stuff we didn’t recognize. The Port Neuf (sp?) river is spectacular as it winds its way alongside mountains and through canyons into the Pocatello area.

Arriving in Pocatello a day late we met up with Stoney and were told we should be able to park the rig in his yard…PARKED AT STONEY'Sjust a little hill to get it up first….understatement of the week…BIG bad hill to drive up and then the final push in four wheel drive (backing up) to get the trailer into the yard!! But it was worth it…. STONEY'S FRONT YARD (3)As you can see from the pictures Stoney and Susan have a magnificent yard, with a view and a hot tub.. and hospitality that was amazing. We had a wonderful visit for the next four days, ran up their electric bill, filled their dumpster, used their hot tub, ate tons of excellent food prepared by Susan and generally loafed around. It was a real highlight of the trip.

From Pocatello we wandered to Wells, Nevada for the night and then on to Reno… nothing much to report on the scenery… Nevada desert and lots of it….

We arrived in Reno in late afternoon and spent a couple of hours trying to get the rig into Denise’s driveway, before acknowledging that is was just too steep and other plans would have to be made. About that time her neighbors across the street, a really nice couple named Phil and Cindy, offered to let us use the R.V. pad on the side of their house as they were going to be on vacation for a week. Now that was the deal of the century so we quickly accepted and that was our home for the next seven days.

MORE BAUGNA CAUDADENISE WITH WYO. FISH DINNERWe had a fantastic time visiting with our children, Rob, Martin and Denise. Since we were just across the street we were able to spend as much time as possible (with Denise’s hectic schedule … working on her Masters Degree and two jobs…. Martin working the regular forty hours at his job and Rob living in Sacramento) visiting. Rob was able to drive up from Sacramento and spend the weekend with us so there was only one thing to do…. Make a Baugna Cauda and eat until we fell into a stupor!! Which we did!! The day before we had cooked some Wyoming trout we brought with us and we were all grateful to the fishermen who had donated their catch to us at Marsh Lake…. It was delicious…. We were also able to spend a lot of time in Denise’s beautiful home and enjoy a break from the trailer. The weather was just perfect while we were there so we broke out the summer clothes and took in some sun while laying around.

We drove over to Carson City for a day and visited with good friends there. We spent a lovely morning and went to lunch with Geri and Thelma, and Sierra got to go for a walk with her friends Missy and Maya. Unfortunately, Sierra got to spend the rest of her day at the groomers and then the vets for her check-up…she was not pleased with that turn of events!!!! We spent the afternoon with Jeff and Amy and then on to dinner with Kathy and Gary…. Buff was able to get in some time visiting the Starbucks Plant and everywhere we went everyone was amazed at how much weight he has lost and how great he looks…. All agreed that this lifestyle seems to agree very well with us.

We left Reno and drove to Fernley where we spent the night with Suzy and her new “guy” Tyson… a six month old – very active – Boxer pup…. Again, Sierra was not pleased…but her people had a great visit and another wonderful meal that Suzy cooked (Jambalaya, Cajun Chicken and tons of salad)… with lots of catching up on all the news.

THE GROUP AT LAKE LAHOTONThe next morning on to Lahotan Lake where we met up with friends , Gary and Becky and Becky’s mom, What an excellent day we had the weather was lovely, the company was outstanding and the conversation stimulating … as it always has been with them.

AMYJEFFThere is nothing better in life than to visit with old friends who have known you a long time and know your history….We met Suzy when I went to work for her in 1987; Amy and I worked for the same jerk in Dayton in 1989; Gary and Becky were our neighbors when we lived at the ranch in Empire, NV in the mid 90’s; Geri and Thelma became good friends when our little dogs became buddies; Jim and Kathy worked together at Starbucks from the start up of the plant. We have shared the best of times with Suzy at NASCAR races and Red Hats, horseback riding and a memorable vacation with Jeff and Amy, all night Pinochle games and terrorizing the country in jeeps with Gary and Becky; lunches and dog walks with Geri and Thelma.

These friends have also been there to support us during the difficult times that life hands out and we don’t know how we would have survived those times without them. We are so blessed to have so many of them and to have the opportunity to spend time with them while we are traveling from one place to another. Most of them are planning to visit us while we are here this winter and we look forward to the time we will get to share with them…..

DEATH VALLEY 024The next leg of our journey took us to Beatty, Nevada where there is a little R.V. Park that has……. Hot spring baths….. Jim spent three days of soaking all hours of the day and night… then finally off to Death Valley.

DEATH VALLEY 030On our day of arrival it was somewhere around 107° when we got to our site…..YIKES!!! The first order of business was to get the air conditioner on and start cooling the trailer down so Sierra and I could survive. The next three days were just as hot, plus windy and it sure didn’t cool off at night enough for this hot weather wimp…. Now it is absolutely clear why this is called Death Valley!! How did people live here without air conditioning????

Yesterday, we drove to the little town of Parump to scout out the shopping, etc…. It was about an hour drive through parts of the park we haven’t seen before… amazing country!! On the way home we drove through a major rain storm with raindrops the size of walnuts, the sun was breaking through the clouds and the raindrops looked like diamonds falling to the ground. One of natures moments that take your breath away. Ah, then there was the part of the road that was starting to flood….but wait, it gets worse…. It started to hail … not just a little but a pounding that we were sure would leave dents in the truck…. And just when we wondered what was next we hit the heat and wind again…… what a wacky weather day!!!

Just when I had about decided that this place had thrown enough at me and started looking at Workamper to find another winter job …. There was today … and this is why we wanted to come here…the weather has been perfect all day with the high this afternoon at 89°
And a GENTLE breeze, sunshine, blue skies and white fluffy clouds to decorate the world. This morning while having our coffee outside we had three coyotes (looked like a mom and her half grown pups) right across the street from our site… then later when we were getting ready to clean some campsites a road runner came right into our camp and hung out with us for about an hour….. The sunrise and sunset were spectacular and the night sky is breathtaking… guess we’ll stay!!!

So, that is what we have done for the past month… an excellent adventure in every way … and now we are looking forward to meeting our campers and other hosts … and more adventures to share with you from…..
The Gypsies

End of summer…..

End of summer…..

As we start getting prepared to end this wonderful summer in the Uinta Mountains I realized that we have a few more pictures to share… a little of this and a little of that….

UNITA MOUNTANS FROM HW 150A few weeks ago we drove to Evanston then up Hwy 150 to Mirror Lake and it was such a great day for me to be back in “my neck of the woods”. Mart, Rob and Denise….you will recognize the pictures of Hayden’s Fork Campground and I hope have some great memories of the times we spent there when you were kids.
The next week we drove to Flaming Gorge… all the years I lived in Wyoming and this is the first time I have seen it…spectacular!!!! We made the loop from Lone Tree, Wyoming through the gorge and Dutch John, then on to Green River and dinner at Little America…. Great scenery and a great day!!!

It is definitely moving into autumn at this altitude…the days are still warm enough but the nights are getting down into the low 30’s… the trees haven’t started changing yet and we will probably be gone before the fall colors, but damn…..what a great summer we have had!!!

We have been working our butts off, with the campground filling up every week…we are both skinny and fit once more. This past week things have finally slowed down and we are enjoying a bit of a respite before the Labor Day weekend – which will be hectic. The day after Labor Day we start the final cleaning of all our campgrounds … approximately 70 sites (all the sites have to have the fire pit cleaned to the ground, all trash picked up and raked) and eight vault toilets….YIKES!! We are expected to complete this by October8th and be ready to leave our site!! We will be two tired old seniors when we leave here…..MARSH AT SUNSET

We are going to travel to Pocatello to visit with Jim’s brother and family for a few days then on to Reno/Carson for a couple of weeks prior to heading for Death Valley…. Hope we get to see all our friends and family while there….

So, until we are on the road again…..

The Gypsies

Boy, oh, Boy, the excitement just never ends here in the Uinta Mountains…. Last week we were asked if we could take on two more campgrounds, China Meadows and the China Meadows Trailhead/horse camp.MARSH LK FOURWHEELER 016MARSH LK FOURWHEELER 003 This adds twenty more hours to the forty-five we are already working….but nothing motivates Buff like…M.A.T. (More money, “atta-boy” and toys)…MARSH LAKE 010MARSH LK FOURWHEELER 001
these extra campgrounds come with more money, lots of gratitude and a new toy….we now have an ATV to use to get everything done in the three sites!!! This is our Senior Citizen “hog”….eat your hearts out Henry and Jan!!!

Since Sierra splits her time between chasing squirrels and the ATV’s that drive through here she was totally amazed when one came right into her yard …I think she thought she had finally bagged one! Well, as you can see Buff was the first to get on it and take it for a spin.

But Sierra figured since she had caught it she should be able to ride it too so she just climbed right on with him….so then it was Buff and Sierra’s new toy….SIERRA ON FOR WHEELER 002

It took a couple of days for old nervous Nellie to get up the nerve to climb on …. But one ride and I’m hooked…what a blast!!!

As you can see from the pictures … Sierra (riding right on the gas tank with her front paws on the handle bars) is the Navigator…Buff is the driver… and I am the screamer!!!! We haven’t lost it completely.. Sierra is securely attached with a strap from her harness to Buff and she just loves having the wind in her ears and flying like an eagle!!

So here is how our days go by….Buff gets up around 6:30 and makes coffee and then sits outside and watches the day get started. Sierra and I stumble out about 8:30 and catch up on what’s already happened. About 9 Buff heads over to China Meadows to clean the bathrooms and any campsites that need it. Sierra and I leisurely wake up, take a shower, get dressed, tidy the trailer, then head out to clean our bathrooms. By the time I get these bathrooms done Buff is back and we clean any campsites that need it here.

By then it is time for lunch and a quick nap…. About 5 in the evening we all load up on the “hog” and do our evening rounds in all three campgrounds. It is about a six mile round trip …. The scenery is beautiful, the air is cool, it is totally relaxing and oh, so much fun. Then home for our evening walk around Marsh Lake, dinner and then I get the bookkeeping done…. You read it right…. I finally retire and here I am doing bookkeeping again!! We handle all the fees we take in and then I have this double entry form that has to be filled out for every fee envelope we collect. Thank God it is a simple one and real difficult to screw up.

Tonight on our ride I took the camera and shot some pics of the ride to China Meadows, the horse camp and the nice people who rescued us when we ran out of gas half way there!!MARSH LK FOURWHEELER 019

Do not expect the beautifully executed pictures that Buff spends hours getting to perfection… I totally believe in the point and snap method of getting a picture and tonight it was from the back of the moving ATV…. But it gives you an idea of how pretty it is here. (The beetle kill does take away from it but I have learned to overlook that and still see how lovely these mountains are.)

The little deer that comes and sees us every night is getting very used to us and practically comes right into our “yard”. One night we were sitting watching the fire and she just suddenly appeared on the other side of the fire pit….she looked like a spirit deer through the smoke… it was one of life’s magic moments.MARSH LAKE 001

Oh, and I have to tell you about the good old Wyoming cowboys that use the horse camp! These guys are the real deal and are amusing us to no end. One of them got all pissed off because he had to pay $10 to camp overnight there….now, for that ten bucks he gets to use the fire pit, picnic table, horse corrals, park his rig, have a clean toilet close by and ride the trails there….. But to his way of thinking that “damned Obama and his gang in Washington have just ruined everything” …. Cowboys, you just got to love ‘em.

But the best is yet to come….that evening when we went up to make our rounds this old boy had realized that he had a senior access card entitling him to a 50% discount….he actually made us give him back five bucks!!!

Included in this batch of pictures are a couple of the folks that were our neighbors for a week…they had just bought their first camper and were having the time of their lives, and one of the hail storm we had here during the 4th of July weekend…… MARSH LAKE 006

So, there you go….. Life in the fast lane in Wyoming… until next time..

The Gypsies


The last time we drove to Mountain View we found ourselves in a real traffic snarl as you can see from the pictures!! The little girl on the black horse (that turned his head just as I snapped the picture) was riding drag and looked so proud of herself….growing up in Wyoming offers much more than computer games and television……

Boy, we have had a very eventful and busy two weeks since we arrived here….not only are we working hard at keeping both campgrounds clean, plus six toilets, but have …..

….found a camper up to his hubs in mud and stuck real good off the road. Of course, Buff stopped, pulled out the chain he always carries, hooked it onto the stuck truck, put our truck in four wheel drive and pulled the other truck out just like that… then we decided to drive up to China Meadows and look at that campground where we….

…..had a tent fall on one of the sites –TREE ON TENT 004 completely destroying the campers tent. Thank God, the campers were out fishing when it happened and no one was injured. We really felt sorry that their weekend had been ruined so I gave them a voucher for two nights of free camping that can be redeemed at any campground operated by American Land and Leisure…..then…

…..Last Saturday a woman came tearing into our campground on an ATV and found us just as we were finishing our evening walk around the camp. She was almost hysterical and told us that “up at the horse camp a little boy had fallen off a mule and caved the side of his head in”. We told her to drive down to the ranger and let him know and tell him we were already on our way. When we got there we found out that the father and brother were bringing the little boy out on the horses and were still about five miles out. Buff grabbed his first aid kit and took off walking up to meet them. That old boy is tougher than nails…he walked all the way to meet them and then walked all the way back with them. By then the Ranger was there and had ordered a care flight. The little boy had a large gash along the side of his head and seemed to be in shock…hopefully he will be alright.

…..rescued a dog that had been left for whatever reason at China Meadows campground, he had been there four or five days that we know of and was very starved and weak. We loaded him into the back seat of the truck (much to Sierra’s dismay) and drove him the 25 miles into town to the Sheriff’s office where a deputy took over and delivered him to the local shelter. He was a beautiful Sheppard mix about a year old and so friendly and grateful for some biscuits while we made the drive….if we had room for another dog we would have kept him……when we returned from town we…..

….helped some campers that had hit a big rock and put a hole in the oil pan of their car. They made it to the campground but were stranded here and didn’t have enough money to cover the cost of the repairs to the car. Buff, of course, drove them to town, paid for the parts, drove them back and made sure they could get home……a few days later we…..

As you can see from some of the pictures we have had visits from some of the little forest creatures MARSH LAKE 003TREE ON TENT 006and see deer everyday somewhere in the campground. The birds are returning and we have seen lots of different ones. There is a Robin that has a nest in one of the trees in our site…we are waiting to see some little heads sticking out so Buff can get some pictures of the little family.

The Fourth of July Weekend was BUSY and we finally finished cleaning things up today (Tuesday)…tomorrow we are going to town to do laundry and then to the library for books and computer time to post this blog and catch up on our email…..

Oh, and this year’s fat farm is definitely working…Sierra has slimmed down to puppy size and I have dropped ten pounds so far…..Alas, it is the same ten pounds that I lost last summer – then regained in Tucson eating the great food that Leesa cooked and…of course…Ice cream was always just a small drive away and then there was this place called EEGGIES that had frozen lemonade…….the pitfalls of living in the big city!! If Buff loses any more weight he will disappear!! His new jeans are falling off of him again and one more size down he will be wearing the same size as when we got married!!!!

We are feeling great, getting our muscle back….have adjusted to the high altitude (only 9400’ this summer) and are enjoying life to the fullest…what more can you ask for????

Rob….OLD HOUSE CLOSE UPincluded in the photo stream is the picture of the old house we spoke of….Popeye always claimed it was a outlaw hideout from back in the day…I have never been able to find out anything about it from the old timers I knew, so maybe it was….

Until next time………

NEPHI UT TO EVANSTON WY 013Growing up our family vacations involved driving to Evanston where my grandparents lived from wherever we lived. Then we drove on to the Grey’s River for camping. Evenings sitting around the campfire my grandparents would amuse us by singing great old songs from the turn of the century. One of them that my grandfather would sing went like this…

“Why, oh, why did I ever leave Wyoming..
Why, oh, why did I ever have to go….
Why, oh, why did I ever leave Wyoming….
‘cause there’s a sheriff back there …..
looking for me…
High and low, high and low…..”

Well, there is no sheriff looking for me, at least that know of, but I found myself hearing that old ditty in my head as we entered Wyoming and wondering why I ever left…….then I remembered the extreme winters here and answered my own question…..

NEPHI UT TO EVANSTON WY 003As soon as we hit Echo Canyon my heart was happy to be “home” and I found myself feeling like a child again with all the excitement of those last few miles into Evanston.

We spent a day in Evanston, driving around and looking at all my memories, including stopping by the house that my grandparents bought during the depression, and that until they passed in 1976, was the place I called “home”.NEPHI UT TO EVANSTON WY 018NEPHI UT TO EVANSTON WY 009 We went to the old train depot but was unable to go inside to visit the office my grandfather had there when he worked for the Union Pacific, and drove the streets I remember, but seeing them as they are now, much different than back in the good old days.

We spent the night at the local R.V. Park and within a half hour of arriving met the owner, (“I’m pushing 81 this year”) who was busy using the weed eater to clean the place up a bit. When hearing that I was from Evanston he asked who my people were…..I told him my grandfather was Harold Lusty…. He perked right up and asked me how I was related to Dorothy Lusty….seems he went to school with her and thought her to be “a right nice girl”. It was good to meet someone that remembered her.

The next morning it was on to Fort Bridger, where we were amazed at the wind generators that now exist between Evanston and Fort Bridger, including on Bridger Butte where I once rode horseback … back in the day……

It is about 25 miles from Mountain View up to our campground and the country we passed suited us just fine….lots of good high country sagebrush, buttes, valleys, BLUE sky and big white clouds for decoration. Our campground and lake are beautiful…unfortunately the Pine Beetle has invaded these mountains and the dead trees are heartbreaking….

EVANSTON TO MARSH LAKE 010Our campground looks like a tornado went through it with all the trees that had to be cut due to the beetle kill…..there is so much to do to get it looking like we want it to. Buff has been out with a shovel and rake getting the campsites cleared and then we will tackle removing some of the brush piles that were left by the loggers…. But even with all that we are happy to be here and there is still enough beauty in the surroundings to keep one happy …. Haven’t seen a lot of birds, but are hoping they will return now that things have settled down a bit.

MARSH LAKE 029We are in an area that we have NO reception for cell phones or computers and have to drive ten miles down the road to even get on the phone…computer day will be when we go to town for laundry and supplies…. So communication from us will be sparse…..hopefully, we will get the blog updated every other week…would still love to hear from all and will check our email as soon as we hit town on Wednesdays……..

MARSH LAKE 008The second day we were here we had the great pleasure of meeting four men from Lyman, Wyoming, who brought their horses up for a ride. They were gracious and let us take some pictures of the local color as they prepared to ride…..we didn’t get their names but we were properly introduced to ….




And Harley the horse……

Click on More Pictures to the right to see extra photos and a video ….

We walked down to the lake that evening to watch the sunset and Buff got some great pictures while we were sitting there and enjoying all that nature has to offer…such a peaceful hour….MARSH LAKE 023

MARSH LAKE 018Sierra is in doggy heaven with all the smells, walks, and, of course, squirrels to chase….. One morning Buff was sitting outside having his coffee when a wee little squirrel came over to investigate what was going on in his territory. He found one of Sierra’s squeaky toys to be quite fascinating. Later that evening we couldn’t find the toy for Sierra to play with……Ah Ha….the little squirrel had hauled it off into the brush!!! That’s what I call “getting even”…….

We have seen lots of deer as several hang out here right in the campground, lots of Antelope on the drive up and a mother Moose and her calf walked through the campground the other night…haven’t been able to get any pics yet…..but I’m sure we will…..

NEPHI UT TO EVANSTON WY 001The young man in the picture is Martin… from Germany…. he spent one night at Ponderosa in Nephi… we met him the next morning and invited him over for waffles and coffee… had a great visit with him ….

So when you think of us you will know that we are busy, but, happy to be here for the summer….

The Gypsies


Well, we have arrived at our temporary campground in Nephi, Utah and boy were we thrilled when we drove into it. We arrived last Wednesday after a short drive from Provo through beautiful farm country. Central Utah is really breath taking at this time of year, the highway runs along the Wasatch front on the East and verdant farm country on the West.

We spent the past three weeks in Orem visiting with Jim’s family and helping mom with some projects she needed done. There are some pictures of the sheds that Jim assembled in the back yard, he is very proud of the job he did…. especially since he says he didn’t know what he was doing. We really enjoyed our time there and it was a wrench on the heart to leave.

Our campground is seven paved miles from Nephi through a canyon into the Wasatch mountains and Uinta National Forest. It is right against the Uinta Wilderness area with Mt. Nebo on our doorstep. Mt. Nebo, (named by the Mormon Settlers after a mountain in Israel), is the highest peak in the Wasatch chain at over 11,000 feet. It is still snow capped and extremely rugged looking.

As you can see from the photos this is heavy forested country, with Ponderosa, Box Elder, Willow, and Apple trees that were planted by the early settlers in this area. Our campground is one of the nicest I’ve seen and we just love it. The weather has been perfect, mostly in the high 70’s and low 80’s, (although it hit 93 yesterday afternoon), with one short mountain thunder storm this afternoon.

The campground was hosted prior to us by Mr. lazy guy, who was fired just as we needed a place to work until the snow melts in the one we are assigned to. This past five days we have worked our butts off cleaning the sites, bathrooms, weed eating, etc. but now have it under control. We have 23 sites in our main campground, three group sites two miles up the road and six primitive walk-in tent sites across the river from the group sites. I have already lost half the weight I gained last winter and still haven’t started chasing squirrels yet!!!

Our first day here we drove up the road to Devil’s Kitchen – a red rock formation caused by erosion…. Check out the photos… with an amazing view along the way…. These Wasatch mountains are really beautiful and I’m so glad that I am having the opportunity to see them like this.UTAH 027

At this time we are very happy with the company we are working for as they were more than willing to work with us and get us a place to stay/work until they could get us into Marsh Lake. Our Area Manager, Leon, is such a great guy and is so happy to have us on board. He is already wanting us to stay the summer.

We have a certain number of hours (25 to 30 per week at this site) to take care of our duties and it is up to us when and how we do it…imagine…a job where you make your own schedule… Aaahhh, this means my days starts between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. Yahoo!!! Buff gets up around 6:30, makes coffee and sits by the fire watching birds, critters, etc, and usually drives his rounds before I’m even conscious. Then we work a couple of hours in the morning, have lunch, take a nap, then finish by working a couple of hours in the late afternoon …. Dinner, sit by the fire and off to bed by 9:30 – 10:00!!! We’ve waited all our lives for this and are in all respects…. TWO HAPPY CAMPERS!!

The town of Nephi is small and very much a Utah Mormon community, laid out in a grid with wide streets and wonderful mid 1800 houses that have been kept in good condition. NIPHI UTAH The typical architecture is either brick or stone with so much charm that they all look like they should be a Bed and Breakfast Inn. It is so much fun to just drive around and look at the buildings… lawns look like they are manicured and everything is so clean and well kept.

DAILY GRIND COFFEE SHOPThere is a COFFEE SHOP with attached Laundromat that has free WiFi where we will do our weekly blog, emails, etc. along with laundry…just like in Colorado!!! We do not get any cell or computer reception at the campground so will be somewhat incognito for the next two to three weeks.

Once again, we feel that our guardian angels are looking out for us and are ever so grateful for the way this adventure is going…. We actually get to spend this summer in not one, but two great places!!!! Oh, Mr. Raccoon came into camp for a visit last night….. Buff was sitting by the fire and the little guy just walked right up to him……also have seen deer and one good looking coyote….

So, until next week…….happy trails to all…….